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Your money moves now. You move later.

What is MoveAbility?

Many homeowners have realized that it would be easier to purchase their next home if their current home was already sold. Now you can do just that. With MoveAbility, Stirling Investment Group buys your house and leases it back to you until you are ready to move.

Why is MoveAbility a Good Option?

Get the money you need now

We give you the money you need when we purchase your house.

Simplify your transition to your new home

When we buy your house we pay off the mortgage. Now you have the ability to make an immediate offer on a new home without the contingency of selling your current home in order to go through with the new purchase.

Get the Best Offer On Your House

Stay put in your home. When you’re ready, Stirling Investment Group will work with a realtor of your choice to sell it on the market. We can wait for the best offer on your current home.

How Does MoveAbility Work?
  • Step 1

    Submit Your Information Online

  • Step 2

    Phone Call

  • Step 3


  • Step 4

    Application and Review

  • Step 5

    Sign Purchase Agreement

  • Step 6

    Due Diligence Review

  • Step 7

    Sign Closing Docs & Lease

  • Step 8

    Receive Your Money

  • Step 9

    Stay in Your Home

  • Step 10

    Exercise Your Stirling Investment Group Option